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Strengthening Families in our Community


STEPS Family Resource Center is dedicated to strengthening families in the River Valley through Safety, Training, Education, Prevention, and Solutions.

​​​​Giving families the resources they need to raise children in a non-violent, healthy, and positive environment is what STEPS is all about.

Our primary initiative has been to lower the number of children in foster care in the River Valley.  In 2012 there were 1,223 children in foster care in the River Valley. Our immediate focus was to establish a safe, family friendly environment for children in foster care to visit with their families. The STEPS Supervised Visitation Center provides free supervised visitation services to over 300 children each month. 

The importance of a positive and nurturing environment cannot be underestimated. A positive visitation experience ​​is one that allows parents to practice healthy parenting skills while providing a safe environment for children to learn to trust adults again. Consistent positive and healthy visitations play a key role in the reunification process.

While the primary initiative continues to focus on reducing the number of children in foster care, STEPS has developed and implemented programs designed to meet a variety of needs for individuals to live healthy and productive lives in the River Valley. ​​
Other programs and services that STEPS provides include:

Love & Logic Parenting

P​arents learn how to put the fun back into parenting while teaching accountability without anger or guilt

Parenting Forever

​​Parents going through a divorce will learn and understand the impact of family transition and will be taught effective skills to ease into a new family dynamic

Healing Steps

A series of classes to help individuals heal from past pain, abuse, and trauma, or for those recovering from drug or alcohol dependency

Anger Management

Understand why you are angry, what triggers the anger, and learn coping strategies to reduce the anger that causes stress
Individuals examine the development and factors effecting self-esteem and learn to recognize unhealthy thought patterns. Learning how to redirect their thoughts will lead to better decision making to have a healthier and more positive self-concept.

Co-Dependency Support​​​​​​​​ Group

Learn what co-dependency is and the negative impact it can have on your relationships, job, and everyday life

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708 Garrison Ave.
Ft. Smith, AR 72901